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Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans & Mauritians in Victoria Inc.

La Faya 2004

For the first time, in March 2004, the Mauritian/Rodriguan community in Victoria showcased its culture on a big scale!

Organised by C.H.A.R.M, this premiere event was indeed a success, close to 20,000 people visited spacious "Federation Square" site in Melbourne during the festival weekend.

The turnout was absolutely huge, with many of the Mauritian/Rodriguan and the broader community coming out in force to view the Exhibition pertaining to the immigration of Mauritians/Rodriguans to Victoria or just to kick back on one of Melbourne's absolutely perfect, sunny afternoons to enjoy the showcase of talents performing on the main stage!

Go to our Gallery page to view some pictures from the festival La Faya 2004.

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